About Me
I’m Shaey, and I think I live in one of the most beautiful spots in Qld – Redcliffe.

I am an Independent-Support-Coordinator for participants on the NDIS. With a background of more than 30 years experience in the community sector, supporting persons in the fields of ‘Youth’, ‘Community Housing’, ‘Mental Health’ and ‘Disability’, I am formally certified.

My qualifications… a Diploma in Community Services (2021) in addition to my 15 years of community service as an actively registered JP.

Based in Redcliffe and with a client base now all over Australia, I continue to build my network with many different and diverse support providers. These include community groups and therapy providers, other Support Coordinators, and support workers.

My role as a Support Coordinator is to provide guidance and information to both people on NDIS and people wanting to apply for the NDIS. Building my ‘NDIS Participants’ capacity to be independent and manage their plans (if they are able to) is how I meet my commitment to each individual’s needs.

I bring a unique perspective, as I have family members with a disability, and in dealing with it personally – I know how it feels not to get the support you need.

I want to ensure that no client of mine is left without the tools to find what they need.

“Never give up”